Healthy smoothies!


A sandwich without bread? Not a travesty, a masterpiece! Who wouldn’t want to nosh on this Almond Butter and Banana Open Sandwich?

STOP IT, okay? just…stop. 
I wish I could grab that thing right now and stuff it in my mouth to chew as slowly as I can to tasty every single inch of it, because just LOOK AT THAT THING is perfect and I… I think Im in love right now
Forward is the essence of training. The rider’s legs from the thigh downwards must be in touch with the horse’s body. The lower legs on the girth or immediately behind it will make the horse’s hind legs step more under his body and make him go forward with energy. - "The Complete Training of Horse and Rider" Alois Podhajsky (via dieboldt)

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Horses Hops and Cops

Perfect ❤️❤️❤️
Both men and women find humor to be one of the most attractive trait they can find in a potential partner, because humor suggests intelligence. - (via psych-facts)

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